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Friday 13th September '19 

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29th June

Long Sutton

Love Is Loud - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Legend - Karl-Harry Winson/ Robbie McGowan Hickie

Tightrope - Maggie Gallagher

Pull You Through – Maddison Glover/Jo Thompson Szymanski

Quando When Quando – Teresa Lawrence/Vera Fisher

Oh Me Oh  My Oh – Rob Fowler

The Show – Guillaume Richard/Debbie Rushton

My Angel & Me - Karl-Harry Winson

Down On Your Uppers – Gary O’Reilly

Delicate - Neville Fitzgerald/Julie Harris

No Apology – Maggie Gallagher

Mamma Mia Why Me! – Lee Hamilton

Graffiti – Karl-Harry Winson

I Am Giant – Neville Fitzgerald/Julie Harris

We’ll Be Dancing - Maggie Gallagher

Yes M’am No M’am – Ria Vos

I Think I Found Love - Neville Fitzgerald/Julie Harris

Keep It Simple – Karl-Harry Winson/Dwight Meessen

Jessie – Rachael McEnaney-White

Desert Wind – Kate Sala/Robbie McGowan Hickie

Lonely Blues - Rachael McEnaney-White

Absolutely - Niels Poulson

I Close My Eyes – Hazel Pace

Nothing But You – Darren Bailey

Everything I Have - Maggie Gallagher

1-2-3-4 – Niels Poulson

Amazing Faith – Rob Fowler

Something You Love – Maggie Gallagher

Blue Night Cha – Kim Ray

Vanotek Cha – Gary O’Reilly

(split floor)  Simply The Best – Maddison Glover/Rachel McEnaney-White

                      Islands In The Stream – Karen Jones

Little Lady Bug – Tina Argyle

Get Wild – Maddison Glover/Jo Thompson Sym

Habibi -  Gary O’Reilly

A Better Man – Kim Ray

Majestic - Gary O’Reilly

All I Am Is You - Neville Fitzgerald/Julie Harris

My New Life – John Offermans

In Control – Andrew/Simon/Sheila

Damn!!!!! – Rob Fowler

Bittersweet Memory – Ria Vos

Shot of Tequila – Fred Whitehouse

Pot Of Gold – Liam Hrycan

Mad Crazy Love – Gary O’Reilly

She Ain’t Me – Maggie Gallagher

Out Of Love - Neville Fitzgerald/Julie Harris

Just A Phase – Fred Whitehouse/Maddison Glover

L.I.L.Y Like I Love You – Darren Bailey

Texas Time – Alan Birchall/Jacqui Jax

Codigo – Pat Stott